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Meet Christina

Take it all in stride... and keep moving

Christina L Turner, "Kingmaker"

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Your Destiny Helper Business Consultant

Entrepreneur  Motivational Speaker  Author

Christina L Turner has 28 plus years of business experience consulting small businesses and non-profit entities. She is the founder and CEO of Christina L Turner Enterprises, Inc


The subsidiaries of Christina L Turner Enterprises, Inc are Alsace of New York Events and Design, C Turner Tax Services, LLC, Christina L Turner, LLC and C Lorice Collective.  

Christina is known as "Kingmaker" for how her business insights have elevated her clients to six-figure plus incomes in a short period of time.  


Her main focus is Empowering Entrepreneurship and people development with assisting young adults to become productive, financially successful, maintain self-sufficiency and progressive using life strategies to success.

As a "Destiny Helper", Christina has a unique approach to business development where she has a technique of efficient ease to get things done. She has created multiple non-profit entities and businesses worldwide that have generated her profit margin more than 1 million dollars. Her Non-profit foundation began in 1996 working with The NFL Hall of  Fame Jim Brown for his Amer I-Can Project where it assitsted underserved youth in Westren New York.  Christina worked for the New Yok State Assembly for Assemblyman Author O. Eve that catipulted her into entreprnuership in 1994 and writing programs for non-profits. 


She has direct experience with creating businesses, grant writing, business strategies and growth with a interest in program development, small businesses and ministries relevant to the total growth of person.

Christina is passionate about initiating viable projects, collaborations and programs for community development specifically in urban and rural areas.

Specialties: Creating successful businesses and nonprofits, consulting and business strategies, program development, grant writing, training, facilitating, public speaking, mentoring, event planning and taxation.

She is also the  published author of journals, e-books, books and short adult  bedtime stories.

Christina L. Turner was recently awareded an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities based upon her limitless works in ministry and her dedication to bettering communities within the business world assisting other entreprenuers into greatness.

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