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Christina L Turner

  • Christina L Turner "Kingmaker"
  • Christina L Turner "Kingmaker"
  • Christina L Turner "Kingmaker"
  • Christina L Turner "Kingmaker"
  • Christina L Turner "Kingmaker"
Christina L Turner

Meet Christina 

Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Author

Welcome to my site where you can connect with me as a mentor, advisor or business consultant.  I am the founder and current CEO of Christina L Turner  Enterprises, Inc.


I have been in business over 26 years and my favorite thing to do in life is to assist others to tap into their higher potential. So, here is a little about my professional history: I am a person who speaks that will hope motivate the persons who hear my voice or read my words. Which leads me to saying I've self-published a book on finance for beginners (located below). I have had the opportunity to offer my expertise to various professional sectors and considered valuable across the world  for my intuitive gifts, business building expertise, non-profit formations, and trending business insight.

I have been told I am one of the business world's best kept secrete and touted as a "Kingmaker" to those who have successfully benefited from my expertise.


I would like to extend an invitation to join me on Tuesdays for a FREE one-on-one consultation if you are in your startup phase up to 3 years phase of business  or if you are needing to pivot or a fresh insight or two, schedule a consultation with me  Christina L Turner

Register for the upcoming "You Are Marked for Destiny" Conference scheduled for July 2022. 

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Visit Christina L Turner Kingmaker Business Talk  "Get The Money, Honey!" YouTube channel for business funding, insight and empowerment.


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