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Christina L Turner Business Consulting

Christina L Turner


Online Business Consulting with Christina L Turner

Online Business Consulting with Christina L. Turner and her dedicated team is your roadmap to achieving a six-figure income or beyond in entrepreneurship.


Our expertise spans a wide array of areas, including business strategies, business development, business funding, and more, ensuring your success at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.


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Meet Christina

30 -Year Business Development Expert

Christina has a unique approach to business development where she has a technique of efficient ease to get things done. She has created multiple non-profit entities and businesses worldwide that have generated her profit margin more than 1 million dollars. Christina worked for the New Yok State Assembly for Assemblyman Author O. Eve that catapulted her into entrepreneurship in 1994 and writing programs for non-profits. In 1996 she began

working in the non-profit  industry  with The NFL Hall of Fame Jim Brown for his Amer I-Can Project where it assisted underserved youth in Western New York.  . 

Christina L Turner entrepreneur and author
Kingmaker's Elite Consuting Program

Unlock the power of transformative business strategies with Christina L. Turner, business development expert. Schedule your consultation today and gain the insights you need to create a successful business. Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level – book a consultation with Christina L. Turner now!

Christina L Turner Inc Services are high quality and very professional. She has given me the tools and information I need to take my business to he next level. I highly recommend Christina L Turner Inc. to anyone who is looking to expand current business

- Tonya's Creative Space

My experience with Christina was above what I imagined. She is a beautiful spirit that what's people to win. She was very informative in the 15-20 minutes we talked. She gave me verbal advise while directing me to a social media platform to from which I can gather more information for my journey to entrepreneurship. Happy this person stood out to me. She has already helped me more than she knows

-Aclik Painchnidia

Christina is a very professional woman! Her consulting is on point and you should definately book with her! I still work with her to this veery day!

-Atia Quali

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