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The Kingmaker's Scholarship

The Kingmaker's Scholarship stands as a beacon of opportunity for both college and trade school students, aiming to empower and support the educational aspirations of future leaders. This prestigious scholarship program is meticulously designed to assist passionate and driven individuals seeking to advance their academic journey.


Open to students from various fields and backgrounds, the scholarship aims to recognize not only academic excellence but also exceptional leadership potential, community involvement, and innovative thinking


One of the standout features of The Kingmaker's Scholarship is its commitment to inclusivity. Embracing diversity in all its forms, the program welcomes applicants from diverse socio-economic, cultural, and academic backgrounds, fostering an environment where individuality and unique perspectives are not just celebrated but also valued. This inclusivity fosters a vibrant community of scholars, encouraging collaboration, empathy, and understanding among recipients. Ten scholarships will be given annually; Five (5) students will receive scholarships attending a HBCU and five (5) students attending any trade school.

Furthermore, The Kingmaker's Scholarship sets itself apart through its mentorship and support initiatives. Beyond financial assistance, scholars benefit from access to a network of accomplished mentors, guidance in career development, and opportunities for internships or practical experiences. The program prioritizes not only the academic success of its recipients but also their holistic growth, providing the tools and resources necessary to flourish in their chosen fields.

The Kingmaker's Scholarship symbolizes a commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. It seeks to not only support students in their educational endeavors but also to empower them to become catalysts for positive change in their communities. By fostering a culture of academic excellence, inclusivity, and mentorship, this scholarship equips its recipients with the tools and mindset needed to make a tangible impact in their chosen paths and beyond.

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June 1, 2024 
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