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Meet Christina

Entrepreneur   Author  Speaker

Christina wears several hats: she's an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and an accomplished author. With over 30 years of experience in the business world, she has provided consultancy services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Christina is the driving force behind Christina L. Turner Enterprises, Inc, where she serves as the founder and CEO of various subsidiaries related to business consulting, skincare and finance.

Christina L. Turner Consulting stands out as a leading business consulting service in the United States providing services in numerous cities across the nation, imparting versatile business expertise to foster the growth of both for-profit and non-profit ventures.

Christina is widely recognized as the "Kingmaker" for her remarkable ability to elevate her clients to six-figure incomes in remarkably short timeframes. Her primary mission revolves around empowering entrepreneurship and facilitating personal development, particularly among young adults, guiding them towards financial success, self-sufficiency, and progress through effective life strategies.

As a "Destiny Helper," Christina possesses a distinctive approach to business development, characterized by an efficient and effective work ethic. ​Christina has amassed firsthand experience in business creation, grant writing, business strategies, and growth, with a particular interest in program development, small businesses, and ministries, all geared toward personal growth.

Her passion extends to launching viable projects, fostering collaborations, and spearheading programs for community development, with a keen focus on both urban and rural areas.

2018 Christina obtained an award for Superior Contribution in Business  Houston Texas

2019 Google awarded Christina Best Veteran Minority Owned Business 

Christina has been featured in publications such as Patch, Voyage Houston and Canvas Rebel  

Christina's specialties encompass successful business and non-profit development, consultancy and business strategy, program development, grant writing, training, facilitation, public speaking, and mentoring.


Additionally, she's a published author, having written journals, e-books, books, and provocative short adult bedtime stories for couples.

Christina L Turner's Published Works

Booking Christina

Christina's life story is compelling, captivating and inspirational. Maintaining the fire of resiliency take much faith and will power to keep stride, look ahead and remain discipline. Life is not easy. Life can become easier with time, the proper tools and wisdom. If you have not heard Christina speak or have been in her presence where she is intentional to empower positive change to the people she meet, well today may be the perfect time to book her for one of your conferences, workshops or seminars. Click the button below to schedule a time to chat with her. 

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